create more clean spaces


create more clean spaces

LUFTRUM was established in Sweden in 2014. It is a comprehensive overall air treatment manufacturer integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. It has been devoted to product R&D of air quality treatment At present it has covered ventilation system, humidifier, air purifier and circulating fan.

LUFTRUM has been on the way of innovation and upgrade, and works hard to provide the products with the most sense of quality, design, fashion and intelligent happiness for consumers.

  • In 2015, when the car air purifier C401 series with the revolutionary significance designed and developed by Johan was promoted. Luftrum brand won widespread reputation out of its constant pursuit of innovation, scientific research development and high quality. At present, the car air purifier series, humidifier series, wall-mounted ventilation system series, and ventilation system series of Luftrum have been famous worldwide with its leading technology and excellence performance. They are sold in multiple cities worldwide.

  • Since its birth, LUFRUM has made innumerable innovations and creations. For example, it has used the fabrics art of products with unique styles and Northern European custom.

    Meanwhile, the brand also keeps promoting the patent technology and creation, solves the air quality of final meter for each consumer with more and better products. LUFTRUM brand firmly believe the strength of scientific R&D, maintains the positive spiritual condition, experiences he achievements of the air purifier, and keeps good exchanges with others.

    These sits have been the guidance and enlightenment brought by the brand to each consumer. The brand spirt of LUFTRUM continues and becomes the precious foundation for the future development. The reason for the success of LUFTRUM is that it seeks for technological breakthrough and it has a huge loyal consumption group. LUFTRUM will continue with his trip of pursuing the technological innovation.